Black Jack $30K in 30 Days / Day 26

Recap: In three minutes, we were able to make $1,700. There was a total of 19 hands played.

Wins 7 = 36.8% / Losses 11 = 57.9% / Push 1 = 5.3%

Longest Winning Streak = 3 Hands

Longest Losing Streak = 5 Hands

Largest Bet $3200

Original Bankroll $10,000 / Total Profit $28,136

I’ve been out of town for a few days.  Unfortunately, I could not continue the challenge while gone.  I got back this morning…and here are the results for this session.  I started with a betting unit of $100.  Please keep in mind when you are first starting out…this is way too aggressive. We can afford to shorten our playing sessions because we are up $28,136.

Although we lost a majority of hands, we were fortunate enough to have a Black Jack on a $3200 wager.  Sometimes the cards just fall in your favor.


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