Black Jack $30K in 30 Days / Day 23

Recap: In five minutes, we were able to make $1,060. There was a total of 38 hands played.

Wins 17 = 44.7% / Losses 21 = 55.3% / Push 0 = 0%

Longest Winning Streak = 4 Hands

Longest Losing Streak = 4 Hands

Largest Bet $800

Original Bankroll $10,000 / Total Profit $24,236

I missed a day.  I flew to Seattle only to turn right around and drive 21 hours back home.  The things you do for family.  I had no internet access…no way to continue the challenge.  I made up this session last night and completed two more this morning to get back on track.

I started with a $40 betting unit but ramped it up to $100 when the odds turned in my favor.  There wasn’t anything noteworthy in this session.


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