Black Jack $30K in 30 Days / Day 22

Recap: In three minutes, we were able to make $1,060. There was a total of 21 hands played.

Wins 9 = 43% / Losses 12 = 57% / Push 0 = 0%

Longest Winning Streak = 2 Hands

Longest Losing Streak = 4 Hands

Largest Bet $640

Original Bankroll $10,000 / Total Profit $23,176

Thanks to a double down opportunity at a $640 bet, we were able to capitalize and have another short day.  Three minutes of work…what else do you want to do today?

A moment of truth…Gambling is a serious addiction.  The high you get from winning at games of chance can be very intoxicating.  The more you win, the more you take for granted that you are gambling.  It is a very slippery slope.  I’ve been successful for 22 days in a row.  It makes me think, maybe I should pack my bags and move to Vegas.  I’ll work an average of 15 minutes a day and make $365K a year.  I hope your laughing at this because the reality is that I could move to Vegas…and be one of the guys on the side of the road begging for money just as easily as I could be a high roller.

I believe in my system…and I wish there was a way to be a high roller because I win most of the time.  And that is where Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau and all the rest get you. Most of the time is not good enough.  Most of the time for me still means scratching out a tough existence and Vegas, on the other hand, is still thriving.  I’ve tried to perfect hundreds of methods that would be foolproof for gambling.  I just keep forgetting foolproof and gambling will never belong in the same sentence…at least the way I want to describe it.

It looks easy…it is not.  It seems like the answer, but it isn’t.  Take as much money as you are prepared to lose.  I will repeat this.  ONLY TAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU ARE PREPARED TO LOSE.

Why so Debbie Downer today?  Life isn’t always lollipops and Unicorns.  Stay tuned

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