Black Jack $30K in 30 Days / Day 21

Recap: In two minutes, we were able to make $1,000. There was a total of 13 hands played.

Wins 6 = 46% / Losses 7 = 54% / Push 0 = 0%

Longest Winning Streak = 3 Hands

Longest Losing Streak = 3 Hands

Largest Bet $800

Original Bankroll $10,000 / Total Profit $22,116

At this point in time, I just want to prove I can get through this challenge.  $30k in 30 days…$1,000 per day.  Thus far, we are over 200% on our money.  There would be nothing wrong with taking the rest of the month off at plus $22,116.

The longer you stay at the table, the better the odds you will leave with nothing. Take frequent breaks and earn a little at a time.  I started with a betting unit of $100.  I don’t recommend starting your first few days at the level.  You must first learn to grind through before you try to take easier, more risky, steps.  You must also prove to yourself that you can recoup your money when things go bad.  Know this….you can’t recoup your money by just increasing your bet!

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